This is where I will try to post some PC related problem, which I hope it could help. Who ever need help with some simple problem. This may have some solution.

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Driver Problem

When you just finished reinstall windows you might find the windows act funny. Why is that ? Becaise you still need to install some driver before it work properly. How to install driver? Just put in the CD that come with the PC and follow the instruction, usually those CD will have the word DRIVER DISK and etc. If you don't have the CD, you can try the following software follow the instruction

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Setup Network

Why do we need to setup the network? So we could allow 2 or more computer to communicate. Allow you to share the files, printers , CD-Rom and etc....

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Computer Sharing

Once you have setup the network, you need to shared the folders or printers and other things in oreder to work

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